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ACI Cork USA is a worldwide leader, with fifteen companies in eight countries producing almost two billion corks. It was originally started in 1996 by the three Coelho brothers, who departed from key positions at the largest cork company in the world to follow their dream of producing the highest quality corks available on the market. With their combined eighty years of experience they have, in fact, accomplished their goal within a span of just nine years.

In response to being awarded the major contract to one of the world’s largest wineries in 2005, ACI opened its new facility in Fairfield, California. This was preceded by the fact that ACI had already become the largest supplier of natural corks to Portugal, Spain and, France, as well as supplying 80% of the corks to South America. By controlling the corkwood from the forest through all stages of production, and by shipping only via neutral, refrigerated containers, ACI has become one of the few companies in this industry to offer the expertise, quality, pricing and service that American wineries demand.

Products include:

  • • Natural straight wine corks in ‘peroxide’ and ‘natural’ wash in 1 ½” (38mm), 1 ¾” (45mm) , 2” (49mm) & 2 ½” (54mm)
  • • 1+1’s (technical corks) & 2 + 0’s
  • • Colmated Corks
  • • Bar tops in several varied styles
  • • Aglica, ground corks with no TCA
  • • Champagne corks