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PWS distributes barrel alternatives from SuberOak Australia, which has over twenty years experience in turning French barrel-quality oak into tank staves, mini-staves, segments, powder, chips, inserts, and liquid oak tannins.


Our XOV French Oak powder provides sweet, soft tannins for use during every stage of winemaking. During fermentation it will minimize vegetal characters and provide co-pigmentation to bind color and tannins while giving a quick dose of sweet oak just prior to bottling.

Available in XOV & XOS profiles in several different sizes ranging from ferment size to maturation and aging.

Mini-Staves / Blocks
For quicker extraction, ease of use, reduced cost and flexibility, many winemakers now prefer this configuration. Our XOV, convection toast, French Oak Mini-Staves provide a soft, sweet, creamy, round mouth feel while our French Traditional radiant toast Mini-Staves mimic a barrel, with more chocolate/mocha-type characteristics. They are easy to mix and match for greater complexity, as packaging is all in 5/11 lb. infusion bags. Dose rate is 2-5 grams per liter. Extraction, depending on the size, is from 3 - 8 weeks.

Finishing Oak
3-year aged French oak blocks and segments are cut across the grain for quicker extraction. Emphasis with these is on their lovely aromatics and less noticeable tannins, and they are used prior to bottling or for maturation. Packaging is in 5/11 lb. infusion bags. Dose rate is 2-5 grams per liter. Extraction, depending on size, is 3-8 weeks.

French XOV & Traditional profiles available as inserts through the bung. Easy to install and extremely affordable.

Liquid Oak Tannins
Newest technology employs both French and American oak for flavor and structure. For immediate use prior to bottling. Extremely easy and cost-effective.

Tank Staves
Tank staves act most like a barrel by integrating with the wine slowly. Made in convection ovens for 24 + hours, the flavor profiles of the staves are high in vanillins and low in tannins; ideal for today's wines.

Standard size is: 36” x 2½” x 3/8”= 1.45 square feet, Medium Toast with two 1” holes 33½” apart. Custom sizes up to 8' long are available.

Suggested at 120-200 square feet per 1,000 gallons for 30-50% of a new barrel, these tank staves should be used, as would be a new barrel.

Click here to visit the SuberOak's website